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There is only desire! August 05 2015, 0 Comments

I don't have a story! I don't have inspiring before/after pictures, I don't have post pregnancy problems because I adopted 4 children, I am not a body builder,I am not struggling with weight why am I doing all this? Why am I working out one hour every day? Why do I care if my arms are flapping in the wind or not? Why do I even think about a strong core?  My mother always asked me "Why all this workout nonsense? As long as you are slender, why do you bother?"

The answer is DESIRE. I want to feel strong and capable of supporting myself! Muscles are very important especially as we get older. I see my sweet mother now at 80 basically walking on her bones, because muscles get tiny, when we don't use and maintain them. 

So, for me it is not about looks, it is about the DESIRE to feel good. If that looks good, ok. But there is a real strong wanting inside me that makes me do every day cardio, abs and weight training.

Feeling good is the most important guide for me. That is how I do everything, including designing my clothes. 

If I pay attention, I know always and right away what makes me feel good.

DESIRE is for me, if I really, really want it. It is a want from my heart. A squeeze that puts sometimes tears in my eyes. Only that makes me workout








There is no quick fix! July 21 2015, 0 Comments

I can't tell you how many times in my life I have been accused of naturally being tall and thin. Tall, ok, it's true.

But thin, NO. I have been working out since at least 30 years. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much, but never not at all. If somebody tells you, they can eat everything they want and not work out, they are lying to you.

I never did ever real diets, but I usually, since ever, eat 1/2 or 2/3 of what I want or could eat. That is 80-85 % of the time. There are moments where I eat lots of cookies and bread, because I love it. And I allow myself to do that. Because if we always restrict ourselves, we get grumpy, bitter and cravy. 

So, when people say to don't have to worry, you are thin...I tell them, if that's want you want, you can be that too. And I then tell them that I work out every day, and I drink Shakeology every day for optimum nutrition. Then they already go....what every day? How many days will it take?

The answer is....start today and feel instantly different and see after a week tiny results. There is no quick fix. A killer diet will shrink you in a few days, but you get it all back. Like with everything, we have to do it all the time, every day to live it. It is a journey that will touch you deeply inside and out. It is not a pill. It is something only you can do for yourself. 

I can help you and we can do it together, but you still have to do it. And it will take time. And you can do it!

I love my hair March 12 2015, 0 Comments

Almost every day people comment on my hair, after looking at it for a few minutes. Some ask me, if I color it that way. And many women ask did I bring up the courage to go gray. Because gray is old. And then they say, that I don't look old with it. Well, I see everywhere young women coloring their hair silver gray, I think it is called mermaid hair :) So why is gray so scary?

Because we don't want to face that time is running, it never stops, no matter what. And that means things are changing all the time. Every day. There is no escape. No matter how much we color our hair, we still get gray hair, underneath. And every body knows, we have gray hair, starting at around 40...that is just how it goes.

I stopped coloring my hair 15 years ago, because I realized that everything that I put on my skin, gets absorbed and into my body. That's when I started, really making sure, to only use wholesome lotions, shampoos etc.

But even stronger was that longing to be alowed to have my "natural" color shine in the sun. To not hide it.

I wanted to love my hair as it was. I wanted to look into the mirror and smile back and embrace the changes. So I let my hair be long and gray. And I love it.



Jump for Joy February 18 2015, 0 Comments

  I am 54 and I am working out every day. No excuses. Sometimes I take Sundays off to spend more time with my family at the beach. It is not natural, I can NOT just eat whatever. But I get to the eating thing another time. The reason why I work out is, that I LOVE the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel alive and it connects my mind with my body. This is my time. So no matter where I live, no matter what my situation is, no matter what, I do my workout. It can be the Gym, Yoga or my favorite 30 minute Cardio Session. I don't work out with anything else in mind than how it makes me feel. Because I want to feel the best possible. And some days jumping is just what I need...ok, most people tell me, they can't jump, because they have an injury, joint pain or they are  afraid to jump. The heart rate goes up, you feel your inside, you think, over 50, is this safe?  Of course, if you have injuries or chronic joint issues, you want to be careful. You modify, you go low impact. I know many people who do this. It is all good...jump or reach for joy like there is no tomorrow. That is what I am doing. I keep moving. Stretching, running, walking, jumping, all the way.


Today is the Day! February 16 2015, 0 Comments

I have been planning this for at least a year and today is the day. Every day I meet all the wonderful women that come to my store. And very often they are not happy with their bodies, their husbands and their lives. I have to say that I have been feeling other peoples pain all my life. I always want to help. If I can just inspire one person, this blog made a difference.

Women tell me I am naturally thin and fit and sometimes they say, yes at your age you can have a flat belly and then they see my grey hair and say, well you must not eat then. And some women are really angry at life and aging and I know. It is not easy to embrace ourselves as we are. I catch myself too, not liking my reading glasses. And my wrinkles. So I am not trying to tell you what to do. I am sharing my path ... today is the day. To start this.


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