Jump for Joy February 18 2015, 0 Comments

  I am 54 and I am working out every day. No excuses. Sometimes I take Sundays off to spend more time with my family at the beach. It is not natural, I can NOT just eat whatever. But I get to the eating thing another time. The reason why I work out is, that I LOVE the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel alive and it connects my mind with my body. This is my time. So no matter where I live, no matter what my situation is, no matter what, I do my workout. It can be the Gym, Yoga or my favorite 30 minute Cardio Session. I don't work out with anything else in mind than how it makes me feel. Because I want to feel the best possible. And some days jumping is just what I need...ok, most people tell me, they can't jump, because they have an injury, joint pain or they are  afraid to jump. The heart rate goes up, you feel your inside, you think, over 50, is this safe?  Of course, if you have injuries or chronic joint issues, you want to be careful. You modify, you go low impact. I know many people who do this. It is all good...jump or reach for joy like there is no tomorrow. That is what I am doing. I keep moving. Stretching, running, walking, jumping, all the way.